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"Picking up where they left off of 2013's Turn off your Devices, the band continues to hone their unique genre-bending sound. From the V.U. Venus in Furs like psych-drone vibes in the opening track "Just Ordinary" to the anthemic alterna-folk acoustic ballad "Remember When", you get the feeling after listening that you've experienced a turbulent and Equally satisfying journey to an exotic world. This album stands on its own and is nowhere near being a sonic clone of their first album. The song lyrics and soundscapes evoke feelings of struggle, anger, hope and death. If Vel Indica were to call it quits, which I hope is never the case, they have delivered a nugget of greatness to the world that can eternally be appreciated. "  .... Bread Pudding Records

Vel Indica is a 3 piece Sonic Folk band from Winston Salem NC

Patrick Ferguson - Vocals and Guitar

Ken Simonds - Bass

Neal Goode - Drums and Percussion

Formed in Winston Salem in early 2008 with Patrick Ferguson on Guitar and Vocals, Ken Simonds on Bass, Karrie Sheehan on Drums, and Davidson Smith playing Theremin/ Hand percussion/ Sitar/ and various other instruments. 
With much of the music written before the band formed.. the pieces began coming together quickly. Within months the band had written a number of original songs, and began to play out. With an inventive and dark electric folk sound they began to play around the Triad area on a regular basis, and have received positive reviews.

In 2016 Karrie Sheehan parted ways with Vel Indica to move to Austin Texas for her job. The band recruited Neal Goode, a local drummer who had played with the likes of Easybake, Fur Line Volcanoes, Jerry Chapman and numerous other bands in the area. They have been putting together songs for the soon to be released THE GREY AREAS due out in 2020.

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